"In 1958, Folsom Distributing Co. first opened its doors selling fruit juices and juice drinks door to door and to local small business. Over the years Folsom distributing has expanded the business and now deliver to many different kinds of retailers in the St. Louis and Metro markets. Our products can be found in Chain grocery stores, Chain convenience stores as well as the local mom and pop locations that we serviced in the beginning. Folsom Distributing is a family owned business that puts service to our customers in the forefront. We are committed to great service and in bringing the newest product lines into the St. Louis market. We have established core brands with the National Beverage line, including the Mr. Pure brands but we are always on the lookout to bring the newest most innovative products to the market. Folsom Distributing Co. was built from the ground up by providing an unparalleled level of customer service along with the right products at the right times. We take great pride in continuing in that same tradition over 50 years later"

-Richard J. Folsom